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Glide To The Side Dance Studio

Has a warm, supportive atmosphere which is based on satisfying  its customers.

The studio provides a social & entertainment forum for people with diverse interests, backgrounds and ages:

Anyone can dance!

It provides dance and performing arts training for all students at  many different levels:

From absolute beginner (Kinder aged children,)
To advanced/professional (Children and adults)

It's a place where..

People are comfortable to learn different artistic styles

You can meet new people in a social dance/ performing arts related environment

You can escape from the daily grind and unwind with fully professional executed tuition every time

You can enjoy being creative through the art of movement and performing arts

The studio offers a varied program in all commercial styles of performing arts.

All classes are taught by the studio Artistic Director herself.

(Years of experience: 26 in dance & performance)

Her qualifications:

(Certificate 2 in Dance & Performance from Dance Factory Melbourne,
Honours & Honours Plus Teacher Certificates in Tap, Jazz, Classical Ballet and Hip Hop/Funk under the C.S.T.D, F.A.T.D, D.F.T.A Examination Syllabus types.)

(Certificates  in Dramatic Art from Helen O' Grady Drama School.)

She has trained in the top leading ballet/commercial dance schools throughout the city of Melbourne.

Her whole life has been dedicated to her craft full time and she doesn't think about anything else,

Being a bun head is who she is!
Her passion and hard work = Your results!

So, by attending class know you are receiving nothing but the best content each and every time!

An important notice:

The studio holds no responsibility for any injuries whatsoever -
Students attend class at their own risk*

No smoking on studio premises and ..

The studio is not liable for lost property!

All parents/students can make the choice of either participating in the

Studio Performing Arts Short Course Workshop training which runs for the entire school term outlining selected mixed style/s

(Different style/s per term only- see time table for more information*)
Kinder/Primary school children only package


The  pay as you go method (Fortnightly and weekly casual payment packages are also available)
All ages/levels

Secondary/adult casual lessons are by appointment only and subject to approval by Principal

All styles and levels

Private tuition is for all ages and levels
(Booking is required)

The studio caters for all -

Glide on!